Claymore Corporate Services Ltd.

Claymore Corporate Services Ltd. provides a range of professional services to domestic and offshore company clients. We make it easy and straight forward for new clients to proceed with formation of their offshore companies and provide expert advice in the structuring and planning of the company and the business proposed.

In TCI we refer to offshore companies as Exempted Companies, the definition being: a company which carries on its business mainly outside TCI. If a company conducts business mainly outside TCI and does not maintain an office or personnel in TCI it is exempted from a number of reporting requirements, principally it is not required to put into public record the names of shareholders, directors and officers. The Confidentiality laws of TCI preclude disclosure of information.

We provide a full service including nominees to hold shares, act as directors and officers and act as signatories on bank accounts and broking accounts.

Claymore also serves a number of domestic clients doing business or owning land in TCI; these companies are generally referred to as Ordinary Companies. The objects and articles (by-laws) can be similar as the definition affording the exemptions relates only to the geographical location of the business undertaken. An exempted company can undertake any business it is legally permitted to undertake anywhere except in TCI.

Claymore offers a proactive service from the initial structuring of the company to suit the desired business purpose to handling the trading and transactions of the company as it progresses.

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